As a Montessori school, we are no ordinary Dutch primary school. On the contrary, De Vleugel* is a small school that offers warmth and security to our children. We see ourselves as a community where parents and teachers work together to let children flourish. Above all, what's important to us is how children develop as a person. Not just cognitively but also, even more important, emotionally and socially. At De Vleugel, we let them discover who they are, how they learn best, what they like and dislike, and how they function in a group. This voyage brings a young child to learning. We cherish and feed the natural curiosity of children. We hope young parents choose our school because of this philosophy and want to participate in our community. We have no particular interest in high-end or CITO scores. Please beware that we are not an NT2 (Dutch as a second language) school, meaning we do not specialize in educating children who still need to learn the basics of the Dutch language. 

We are a fast-growing school. For the school year 2022-2023, we can only accommodate children in groups 1 and 2.

*) De Vleugel means 'The Wing'